Logan Lerman Has Salt-and-Pepper Hair, and I Can’t Stop Staring

If you had been a very little as well into 2010’s Percy Jackson — and have been nursing a crush on Logan Lerman at any time since — I have some awesome news for you. The actor, who currently stars in the Amazon Primary collection Hunters, just exposed a model-new look and it truly is a doozy. On August 30, Lerman’s girlfriend, Ana Corrigan, posted a image of him climbing on her Instagram tale and discovered a total face of stubble and wavy, chin-length, salt-and-pepper hair that no a person has at any time noticed just before. The picture was offered with out any caption or context, leaving me to question: um, when did this materialize?!

Any fan of Lerman’s will notify you that this is a really different search than what they are used to looking at. Considering the fact that he was introduced into fame in the early 2010s, he’s saved a quite reliable look: quick-cropped black-brown hair and a thoroughly clean-shaven confront. These times, he can be viewed expanding a beard each and every now and then, in addition, he’s been rising that hair out in isolation like the rest of us. Nevertheless, this new image of him just hits different. Way distinctive.