Cheers to a New Year (more than ever)

A person jumps from one cliff that says 2020 to another that says 2021.

Raise your hand if you’re ready to leave 2020 in the dust. 

As has been repeated by me, you, your friends, Netflix and everyone between, this year has been pretty horrible. But we all know that when the clock strikes midnight on Thursday night, the tragedy won’t magically disappear. The pandemic won’t turn into a pumpkin. Vaccines are on the way, but we have a long road ahead. 

But there is power in the symbolism of toasting 2020 goodbye. If there weren’t we wouldn’t celebrate the new year at all. My hope is 2021 will bring us all renewed energy in our fight against COVID-19 – the energy to just keep going, continue staying home, wearing masks, keeping our distance and helping one another – until we are able to reach some semblance of normal life in the new year.